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Veteran's Empowerment Transition Program

Our Veteran's Empowerment Transition Program (ETP), offers onsite living and sessions for Veterans requiring more lengthy or intensive training through a 3 to 6 month sponsorship program -  (determined on a case-by-case basis). HHH proudly works alongside Fort Campbell, Operation Stand Down, the VA, and Veteran Court Programs throughout the United States to offer our services to these Warriors in critical need. 

In addition to the emotional strains that may accompany our Heroes when transitioning from the Service-to-civilian life, an alarming and increasing number of Veterans today find themselves facing financial and legal woes, health or relationship challenges, with nowhere to turn for advice, much less receiving the helping hand-up they deserve.  Approximately one third of all Veterans report  they had trouble paying their bills (among other difficulties) in the first few years after leaving their Service.  Our HHH ETP will not only help the Warriors work through their issues with our Equine-Assisted Sessions, but they will graduate their time here on the farm with a NEW AND HIRABLE VOCATION: Barn and/or Farm Management . . . Having a place to go let's you know which way to turn to success!

We simply can't ignore the fact that, while many overcome unnecessary hardships, thousands of ex-service members continue to face homelessness and incarceration due to the lack of support in this "Welcome Home" transition to civilian life.  The private sector must act NOW to correct the dwindling amount of Government resources available to help our Warriors, First Responders and their families.  A true "Thank you for your service" is shown in actions, programs and events that reduce suffering, suicide rates, incidents of divorce, homelessness or incarceration.  Not only is it our duty to seek to understand their current challenges, but we must also stand up and TAKE ACTION  on their behalf.  A good place to start is "Understanding the Why" behind this disturbing statistic:  Roughly 50% of incarcerated Veterans have a mental health disorder, according to the Bureau of Justice.

Since 2010, HHH continues to work constantly to further develop functional partnerships and secure funding to ensure we "Answer The Call" for as many of our Brave Warriors as possible. HHH actively works with private donors and grant organizations to make available (free-of-charge) our Equine-Assisted Programs to as many as we can accommodate.... HHH Veteran's Empowerment Transition Program is a much needed bridge of opportunity:  Our sponsored, Empowerment Transition Program helps troubled Veterans of service restore stability to their lives and get back on track legally, financially and emotionally.

Again, the HHH Veteran's Empowerment Transition Program is for sponsored Veterans only. It is a live-in, hands-on program which offers transitional housing, temporary and/or permanent employment opportunities, Equine-Assisted Sessions, and HHH Certified Handler’s training for those brave Warriors requiring a higher level of support.  WHAT AN HONOR - Pease contact us for more information!!!

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