Meet Our Four-Legged HHH Team


Handsome is a twenty-two year old 16.2-h Dutch Warmblood Gelding He also happens to be the last horse I bred over my 40-year-program of foaling and training my Jumper/Hunter show horses. Handsome is the “apple of my eye,” and having arrived at his senior status, he embraces his job of working the HHH Equine-Assisted Programs in our covered-round pen and outdoor ring. FYI: Handsome’s name suites him – he’s a powerful, intuitive and impressive horse. Yes, he certainly is “handsome,” and to partner with him is a thrill not easily forgotten… He may test you, at first, but once he decides he likes you, it’s a love affair of fun and fancy with this guy.. A dance of sorts, where grace abounds. Handsome heads our Herd with grand persistence and just the right amount of dominance (only after we sent him away to Boarding School).

“Miss Muffet”

Miss Muffet is a nine year old spotted Rocky Mountain Chocolate Mare. At 16 hands, she’s raring to go with her huge – elegant step and unforgettable hair-do. Muffet arrived on the farm in the Summer of 2022, and has settied in beautifully. She has the same breeding as Mr. Whiskey, and I often think I’m seeing double when these two horses are playing across the farm’s foncos. Although they may look alike, they couldn’t bo more different, personality-wise. Miss Muffot is over-curious, a little cautious with new poople, very willing to learn, and definitely wants to please. All she noods to do is look at you with her seal-black eyes brimming with sweetness, and even the most timid – to the toughest of those we serve with sessions on the farm MELT! She’s glorious and she knows it!

“Mr. Whiskey”

Mr. Whiskey is a 15.2-h, ten-year old Rocky Mountain Spotted black and white golding, and is the “scamp” of our HHH Horse Herd. He arrived at Hillenglade three years ago after having had an accident that effected the tendon of his hind left ankle. Although his gait is rather unusual due to his injury, he is in zero pain and adores working with our groups in the pen and arena.
After he was donated to HHH, it took me about three months to get him to go evenly around the pen without spooking at the first covered opening. He finally figured out that the “Boogie-Man” doesn’t live outside that entrance, and since then, has turned into a brave, willing super-star. This affectionate guy responds quickly to verbal “atta-boys,” pats and praise (don’t we all)?! Mr. Whiskey has a personality that draws you in, and has turned into the favorite of many who come to the HHH Farm: The best news is that he’s overcome his nervous fears, and swapped them-in for a confident swagger.


This donated twenty-three year old Palomino Quarter Horse mare was formerly used only for breeding due to her excellent conformation and natural talents. When she arrived here at HHH six years ago, she suffered from an animal-version of PTSD; whenever she was approached by people, she became angry. hyper-vigilant and fearful… Her behavior was due to the fact that she was only around people when the veterinarian was there to assist her in foal-delivery (a painful experience – as most Mama’s know). After much T.L.C, quiet handling and encouraging sessions in the pen, JB has turned into one of our most kind, sensitive and solid individuals in the herd. When it comes to private sessions, she’s often people’s first pick to work with – I swear she bats her eyelashes at them! Now that she’s overcome her fear and insecurities, JB has become super-sensitive to the hidden emotions and past problems of the individuals she works with, proving to be most therapeutic for her human friends… Ever since she has overcome her own fears and trauma, she naturally passes along her confidence to others.

“Lucy & Ethel”

Lucy and Ethel are seven-year old, middle-aged Mini-Nubian Donkeys that happily reside and romp around the far half of the Hillenglade Farm. Their hee-haw-harmonies at the break of day have become everyone’s alarm clock. Lucy and Ethel shadow each other in their fields, and when wrangled for their painting and petting sessions, they serenade their visitors with a cacophony of brays as they wait impatiently for their favorite treats – Animal Crackers. They bring comedic antics and loving hugs to all who have the pleasure of their company…That is as long as it doesn’t delay their favorite pastime – eating! Needless to say, they’re fat and sassy, and will offer themselves as a furry canvas for our visitors to bring-out their creative sides.

Rehabilitated & Re-homed


Bunny, known as MVP (Most Valuable Player) in professional life, is a Dutch Warmblood “Speed” Jumper who started his impressive career in Europe. He then was bought by Stacy, who relocated him to New Jersey where he then partnered with Stacy’s daughter in the show ring until she went to college. MVP’s barn name is “Bunny” because he was well known to jump a 2-stride in-and-out in ONE stride. “Bunny” LOVED his new – more relaxed position here at Hillenglade Farm helping our Heroes, and then left for full retirement with his best friend, Morgan. HE WAS AND WILL ALWAYS BE A SUPER-STAR!


Arky, short for Arkansas where he was bought, was a 3-Day Event Horse. This super-sized, 17.1 h thoroughbred boy had all the mares panting at his glory. He became attached to one of our HHH Team Members, and moved to her farm to show off there.

In Memorium


Sissy-Donkey lived with a herd of cattle next door to our Hillenglade Farm, but when the neighbor died, the cattle were taken away leaving Sissy all alone to wander 40 acres of hills. I left food out and looked for her for over a year! .. And then one day. Ms. Sissy-Donkey suddenly appeared on our front lawn seeking the company of our donkeyettes and horses.

Mr. Higgins

Mr. Higgins was a Dutch Warmblood Dressage Horse turned Hunter. He was brilliant, friendly, and loving. We sure miss Mr Higgins at our Hillenglade Gatherings.


Gracie-Girl was a special rescue & will never be forgotten… She was a Great Dane – all legs and heart.


Brulette was a true blessing. I rescued her in New York City – and every day she lived in Nashville, she turned more and more


Everyone at HHH misses our little “Black Beauty. Jack and Jill were our first ponies on the farm and were Stars at our Celebration Days – especially with the kids.


Ben was adopted from the local pound as a pup, and he used to greet all our guests with a tail wag and a roll-over. He is sorely missed.

Sister Sara

Belgian Sister Sara came to us as a rescue in 2014 and put on over 300 pounds while she was at the farm. She was a gentle giant and a treasure.


Boo came to us on his own and became a part of the family!


Mandy was a stray who found her wat to Hillenglade and was never happier. 

Jackman Mini-Pony

Jackman got snatched up from Hillenglade to live the High-Life at the A Horse Shows taking care of a 4-year old Equestrian-to-be. He thrills the kids everyday anywhere he is.