HHH Certification Center

Hope & Healing at Hillenglade has launched a Handlers and Leaders Certification Program. Based on the approach, principles and training found in our HHH Certification Curriculum, we empower horse owners and enthusiasts to effectively lead and/or be a handler to their horses, as well as serve other organizations that offer equine-assisted programs. The Hope & Healing at Hillenglade team will also evaluate owners’ horses and workspaces for potentially hosting future equine-assisted sessions at their own farm or ranch.

The HHH Handlers and Leaders Certification Program is also available now online. (More information to go here.)

Those coming from out-of-town may choose to stay at Hillenglade Farms’ on-site suites (15 minutes from downtown Nashville) for up to one week depending on their training needs during the Handlers & Leaders Certification Program.  Please visit Hillengladefarms.com to learn more about accommodations and costs.