Volunteer With Us!

Thank you all in advance for your desire to help uphold our Mission of Hope and Healing at Hillenglade by becoming an HHH Team Volunteer Member!

We have two categories of service that will be an enormous blessing here at HHH…


● Grounds work and weeding
● Fence repair and upkeep
● Painting and staining
● Barn cleaning and repairs, etc.


To qualify as an HHH Equine Care Volunteer, one MUST have a trained and well-versed knowledge of horses, their care and handling from grooming, feeding, to basic medical care… Please note: The employed HHH team simply does not have the time to train those volunteers unfamiliar with horses to safely work around these glorious, yet powerful animals.

● Grooming
● Bathing
● Wound and hoof care
● Cleaning stalls and pastures
● Feeding
● Tack and barn cleaning
● Leading the horse and donkette exercise plans

Please note that ALL volunteers will be invited to the farm for review session(s) to ensure alignment with the way our HHH Certified Sessions and Programs are run as well as the total comfort on your part. You all will receive, with our GRAND APPRECIATION, a copy of our HHH CERTIFIED CIRICULUM for your review and edification… Again, thank you for your generosity!

God Bless,  XOXO Jen

P.S. Please feel free to call me about ANY questions you may have prior to filling – out your volunteer form on this website – 615-868-6309 or email hillengladehhh@gmail.com.


Volunteer At HHH!

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Volunteer Testimonials

” Volunteering at HHH has been a very rewarding experience! I have been coming to the farm for about a year and a half. I am so happy to have the opportunity to not only help veterans, first responders and their families, but volunteering here has also helped me become more assertive, a better listener, and has calmed my own anxieties.

It is also very rewarding to watch as the horses help everyone that comes to HHH. You get hands-on learning experience with all different types of horses and donkeys! The bond you make with the horses here at HHH is unmatched. Please help out and volunteer!”
~Kayla Dunbar, Volunteer

‘It has been an honor and a joy to support the ministry at HHH by serving as a volunteer at the farm for the last year, but it has also been a gift to me. Every single person at the farm needs to be there, for one reason or another, and I am no exception. I started volunteering after my family survived the 2020 Nashville Tornado, and it was an immense relief to have a place of such grounding and peace – a true respite from the trauma we survived.
Since then, I have continued to benefit from working with and caring for the animals, and have found healing from other traumas in my life.
I always look forward to my time at HHH, and have brought many friends along with me to experience the joy of working with our hands and the relief of taking a break from the stressors of life. It is a truly beautiful and healing place, and I’m so grateful to be here!”
~ Hadi Bird, Volunteer

“Just wanted to say a big thank you for the blessing of being able to come out to your place and learn even more and meet more people with your ministry. I had a blast again tonight and truly believe it was a God thing..
divine appointment.

Amy is such an amazing woman and it wasn’t long before we realized we are sojourners on a painful path that was chosen for us… A path neither of us wanted but are determined to move through with growth and strength.. Thank you for being the catalyst to this new place for me to love people AND horses.”

~Lisa Wamsley

“Volunteering anywhere brings you an extra sense of purpose, worthiness and connection, but volunteering at HHH goes beyond those aspects. For me, there is something about being in nature that provides a calming effect for the mind and the body.
The extra bonus is being surrounded by others who all have different stories of resilience and you feel you are making a small difference in their world too.
You learn so much about people you never thought you would have the chance to be with, and this can have all kinds of impact on the way you view your own life.
It’s so rewarding to leave HHH with a humble connection to everything. You are always welcomed and appreciated beyond measure. It is a place where everyone can come together to find purpose and friendship.”
~Ali Rudnik, Volunteer